Thursday, 5 July 2018

We have arrived!

We have arrived! Having travelled to Manila via Hong Kong yesterday, we stayed overnight in Manila and flew to Butuan this afternoon. We had about 5 hours to check out Hong Kong between flights and took an adventurous culinary journey to the city centre to try out a local restaurant where the food is served in little round baskets on a trolley conveniently maneuvered between the guests' tables. Fortunately a couple of ladies at our table could speak a little English so we could find out what we had selected from the trolley (the trolley lady just shoved a basket or two in my direction without explanation). After being very pleasantly surprised by the delicious tasting food which included pork ribs, shrimp dim sum, chicken feet and a chinese risotto -type dish, we left rather chuffed with ourselves for having been daring and being greatly rewarded for our boldness. There is a principle to be observed here: without risk there is no glory!

Having fought to stay stay awake for the day, we were happy to finally arrive in our hotel in Manila where a cool shower and soft bed awaited our rather tired bodies. This morning we had a tasty breakfast at the hotel after which we made our way to the airport to travel to Butuan. The flights were all without much delay so we arrived in Butuan as expected. As we came out of the arrival terminal, we were heartily greeted by Berwyn, Julius, Roszel and their children as well as Aaron and other members of Kingdom Life Butuan with a banner and gifts - baskets filled with....guess what? Yes! Mangoes!!!! It was wonderful to see everyone again and for Katrin to meet the clan for the first time in Butuan and for them to meet Andreas' wife that he always talked about during his previous visits.

After dropping off our luggage and checking into the hotel, we made our way straight to the street children's ministry where we joined the KLB team in ministering to over 40 kids on the pavement. It was very special to spend time with some familiar faces and to share God's love with them. After the food that the KLB team had prepared for them was distributed, we made our way to a lovely philippine-style welcome dinner.

It is wonderful to be here again and we are excited to see what God will do as we risk for His glory and step out with boldness into the unknown by faith. Hallelujah!

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